Nancy's Socks

Nancy has lots of socks for any occasion or accent
Blue Flower  Blue Flower
1 Blue Flower
Bunny  A white bunny dressed in orange with carrots strewn on a pink background
2 Bunny
Butterflies  White butterflies on a black background
3 Butterflies
Captain Bear  Brown bear piloting a ship
4 Captain Bear
Cat  Orange stripped cat with sparkly pendant
5 Cat
Cat  Black cat with white markings and jewel eyes on green background
6 Cat
Cat  Black cat on a background of multicolored stripes
7 Cat
Cat  Sleepy multi-colored cat on multi-colored sock
8 Cat
Cat  Multicolored cat with bird
9 Cat
10 Cat's meow
Cat's meow  Cat saying "Meow"
11 Cat's meow
Cats  Black cats, orange background - must Halloween
12 Cats
Cats  Black and white cats with red collars. Nice dress, too
13 Cats
Cats  Cats of different colors all with backs to us
14 Cats
Cats  Orange arched cats on a black background
15 Cats
Cats  A quartet of cats on a grey background
16 Cats
Cats  Various  colored cats in a cityscape on a black background
17 Cats
Cats  Cat faces on a black background
18 Cats
Cats  Cats with their favorite things on a black background
19 Cats
Cats  White happy cats on a black background
20 Cats
Cats  Cats with favorite things
21 Cats
Cats  Cat portraits on blue sock
22 Cats
Cats and flowers  Winged cats flying through flowers on a blue background
23 Cats and flowers
Cats  These socks have cats and buttetflies.
24 Cats
Chanukhah  Dredels and Star of David on black background with Happy Chanukhah greeting
25 Chanukhah
Christmas socks  Geometric patterns representing poinsettias in red and white
26 Christmas socks
Christmas  Geometric Christmas images
27 Christmas
Cows  Cows with heart patters - must be Valentine's Day
28 Cows
Deer  White deer roaming on a black background
29 Deer
Designs  Geometric designs in many colors
30 Designs
Easter Bunnies  Or maybe it's a bunny who just likes carrots.
31 Easter Bunnies
Flower  Black flower design on white background
32 Flower
Flowers  Random flowers on a dark brown background
33 Flowers
Flowers  White flowers in a diamond pattern on black
34 Flowers
Geometric orange  Geometric figures with orange and red and pink
35 Geometric orange
Geometric white  White geometric figures on grey background
36 Geometric white
Ghosts  Happy ghosts with sparkly highlights
37 Ghosts
Ghosts  Ghosts who look like they are trick-or-treating
38 Ghosts
Green socks  Green socks with a pretty pattern.
39 Green socks
Grey  Nancy's socks that have a reverse color. Note the color difference on the turned down sock.
40 Grey
Halloween cats  Black Halloween cats on an orange background
41 Halloween cats
Halloween socks  Two views of many Halloween images. Jack-o-lantern, black cat, ghost, bat.
42 Halloween socks
Halloween socks  Appropriately black backgroud with candy corn, ghosts, jack-o-lanterns with a scary Boo
43 Halloween socks
Halloween socks  This is the whole Halloween night experience - trick or treat, balck cat, ghost, bats, creepy eyes
44 Halloween socks
Hearts  Nancy's socks with hearts.
45 Hearts
Hearts  Hearts and embroidered flowers.
46 Hearts
Hearts  Red hearts on a white background
47 Hearts
Hearts  White hearts on a red background
48 Hearts
Horse  Multi-colored horse on a black background on a decorated sock
49 Horse
LAdybug  Red ladybug sock
50 LAdybug
Ladybug  Lovely Ladybug socks with a Valentine Slant
51 Ladybug
Ladybug  Lavender ladybug pompom on a many colored spoted sock
52 Ladybug
Ladybugs  Red ladybugs on a white background
53 Ladybugs
Ladybugs  Lady Bugs with heart spots, dubbed Love Bug.
54 Ladybugs
Ladyug  Ladybug pompom on ladybug spotted socks
55 Ladyug
Let's Play  A puppy wants to play. There is a tiny green pompom at the puppy's feet that looks like a ball
56 Let's Play
Meow  Cat socks have a comment from the cat
57 Meow
Monkeys and stars  Red and blue monkeys and stars on a black background
58 Monkeys and stars
Moose  Colorful mooses on colorful backgrounds
59 Moose
Nancy's Socks  Colorful horse with ethnic costume.
60 Nancy's Socks
Night Cats  Cats roaming around at night
61 Night Cats
62 Party
Pattern  These socks have an interesting pattern woven into them
63 Pattern
Penguins  Winter theme with penguins
64 Penguins
Polar bear  White polar bear on a blue background. Alaska is the theme.
65 Polar bear
Polka dots  Black and white polka dots on red, white, and black backgrounds
66 Polka dots
Red and black  Simple red and black pattern
67 Red and black
Red and Green  Red and green in the spirit of Christmas.
68 Red and Green
Santas  Jolly Christmastime Santas
69 Santas
70 Snowmen
Snowmen  Winter theme with gold baubles
71 Snowmen
Spring  Pretty pastel Spring theme
72 Spring
Spring  Flowers in a happy Spring arrangement
73 Spring
Stars  Another mismatched set of stars
74 Stars
Stars  More mismatched stars
75 Stars
Stars and Stripes  Patriotic theme
76 Stars and Stripes
Stars and Stripes  Stars and Stripes
77 Stars and Stripes
Stars  Mismatched colorful stars
78 Stars
Stripes  Multicolored stripes on a long sock
79 Stripes
stripes  Black irregular stripes on a puce background
80 stripes
Turkeys  Orange and yellow turkeys on a black background
81 Turkeys
White flower  White flower with purple grapes
82 White flower
White flower  White flower
83 White flower
Yellow flowers  Yellow flowers
84 Yellow flowers